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Frolicking Dino
2008-03-05, 15:59
John Muir Trail in Tennessee

The total length of the John Muir Trail in Tennessee is 20.7 miles of easy to moderate difficulty hiking paths. Trail is marked with white rectangles on trees at eye level. The John Muir Trail is located in the Cherokee National Forest, beginning at the scenic and historic Hiwassee River near Reliance, Tennessee and ending near highway 37 in Farner, Tennessee. Difficulty Level: Childers Creek to Powerhouse – easy. Powerhouse to terminus – moderate.

Named for the naturalist and Sierra Club founder, the John Muir National Recreation Trail represents a portion of the trail traveled by John Muir’s on his way to Florida from Kentucky. The John Muir Trail offers great views of the Hiwassee River, wildflowers in season, birds and more.

Camping is allowed above the Powerhouse, but not on the first 6 miles of this trail. Water is abundant.

Restroom facilities are available at Big Bend, Towee and the Powerhouse Boating Site. Parking is also available at these locations and at Coker Creek Trail junction, Highway 68 and Forest Roads 311 and 37.

John Muir Trail Operating Season
The John Muir Trail is suitable for hiking during all seasons.

Directions to the John Muir Trail (see maps in attachment to this post):

Beginning at the Ocoee/Hiwassee Ranger Station in Benton, Tennessee, drive east on Highway 64 for two miles.
Go west on State Highway 30 for approximately 10 miles until you arrive in Reliance, Tennessee.
Turn left on Highway 315.
After you cross the bridge, turn right on Childers Creek Road and travel one mile until you reach the Childers Creek parking lot on your right.

2008-03-07, 10:44
That is some lovely country in that area, thanks for posting that.