View Full Version : New forum added...

2008-03-05, 18:53
I have just added a new forum to the site. Rock and I discussed bringing over some of his articles from WhiteBlaze to this site. So I just added an Articles forum to put them in. In the next little while I will most likely be logging onto his computer and putting up his articles as him. Just so that everyone knows what's going on. LOL. I didn't want everyone to suddenly get excited thinking Rock was online and posting.

Also I have been thinking about writing some articles myself, so I needed a place to post them.

Anyone else that has written anything along these lines please feel free to submit them in the article section.

Frolicking Dino
2008-03-05, 20:32
I'll get my nutrition chart to you as soon as you're ready for it.

Might want to check with Jack T. about posting his resupply article over here as well. I think he's out hiking down south right now.....

2008-03-06, 16:38
I have just finished adding two of SGT Rock's articles. His What to Carry article and his How to dirty bad like a professional Article. Next I need to see about doing the writing that I've been thinking about. :)