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2008-03-11, 19:30
ok guys ive been camping in hammocks for over 10 years, from net and tarp, to home made jungle hammocks and even a hennessy dupe.

Ive dangled over rivers, mountain edges, rain forests and deserts (dont ask!!)

I am putting together a free short and concise guide to the ultimate night sleep in a camping hammock and would value some others people tips and techniques to make it more varied.

I am looking for any post tips or ideas that you either have learnt, want to learn or have experienced using camping hammocks.

Look forward to readng them in the comments section here camping hammocks (http://campinghammocks.blogspot.com/2008/03/ultimate-nights-sleep-in-camping.html)

2008-03-11, 22:03
Look up Dawn Treader on WhiteBlaze.net. He's a hammocker and a great hiker. He'll surely be able to give you some great input.
Just give him a quick PM and I'm sure he'll get back to you.
Trail name - El Duderino.
Good luck.