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2008-03-14, 07:01
Since the v $ is so strong most of my group are keen to buy our equipment in the UK rather than UK.

Who are the best retailers in:

Lone Pine

2008-03-14, 12:31
Gotta be an REI in LA, but is there an LA in the UK? ;)

I am not familiar with that part of America, but from shopping in the U.S. I have found you can get some really great deals in some places, but no breaks at all in others. Prices are more homogenous in Canada, so its fun to shop in the US as long as your not in a hurry. You can probably line up some great deals on line if you are interested in cottage industry UL gear, or second hand stuff. TLB is a great site for contacts. You could probably arrange for final transactions when you get over here, even in person, if the party lives near those places and is not in a hurry to part with their Walrus Jaw Bookends, or whatever it is you are after.

I have a Kelly Kettle, but I'm rather fond of it and I think you have access to those. ;)

TLB Site again:

p.s. I think some of the better 'larger than cottage industry type' clothing and gear suppliers are located in those areas so you should look into factory outlets, which you might locate through their websites. I am not sure if you have factory outlets in the UK like in the States. Some are real factory outlets, located at actual factories, but these days it generally means discount stores away from their mainstream stores, but in some cases not even that, just more retail stores where tourists are most likely to shop. Anyhow, some are real, meaning they sell great stuff well discounted.

To illustrate here is an example of a good one in Truro Nova Scotia, which is no good to you of course.

Here is Patagonia. They have web specials, but a true factory outlet would be cheaper still:

Here is one for Marmot Mountain Works, which I can't speak for as I haven't been there.
They are more of an outfitter/retailer, and wouldn't be a factory outlet perse, but they also advertise sales online.

There used to be some very big and well stocked discount and second hand hiking/kayaking/ski coop/swap shops out west that had great deals but you don't see them so much I don't think. I could be wrong. Their used to be a good one in Victoria BC back in the 1980s. I think Mountain Coop may have started that way but is now closer to an REI.

2008-03-14, 13:31
there is a REI in LA (or you and order from there website) that will have mostly everything you need if ur not too picky- u might want to try ordering from golite or Patagonia (im not sure if they do international order). I know golite has supperfast shipping (traded in my 10lb molle II pack-will save that pack for my 800mile Alaskan hike next year- for a 3lb 8oz pack at a good price for my pct hike starting in April).

Happy Hiking

2008-03-18, 08:52
Great and Many thanks.

Got some good info from the towns websites also but there is always Walmart

2008-03-18, 18:25
Usually more than one those stores are like cockroach infestations there's always more than one.