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SGT Rock
2003-01-19, 12:21
Gear Head - A gear head (in hiking terms) is a hiker that hikes just to buy gear. Gear Heads often have lots of catologues and spend hours pouring over them. They are the kind of person that call tell you the difference between the 2000 Zoid and the 2003 Zoid without looking at a reference. Gear Heads are often annoying on the trail because that is the basis for all their conversations while hiking. They will either admire your gear or expect you to admire theirs. They can tell you exactly why the gear you are using is the wrong stuff, and often expect you to be impressed with their knowledge and actually listen to them. They will spend hundreds of dollars to replace good gear with newer gear because for some reason it is better than the gear they just spent hundreds of dollars on last year.

Gram Weenie is a form of Gear Head. Gram Weenies tend to focus on weight of gear as the sole factor of importance.