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2008-03-26, 23:38
just wanted to know what everyone is using out there ....today i just picked up a new Gerber Suspension...very nice multi-tool what i really like about it is that all the blades lock in place that is one of my pet-peevs. also has scissors and a saw.and seems to be as we call it bullet proof..i was using an old Winchester Multi-tool i got 5 years back the only downfall besides no locking blade is that after years of use the blade does not keep a sharp edge for long so i retired it for the gerber.....also have a gerber Shortcut i keep with my fishing gear

2008-03-27, 00:14
Mine is my hands:afraid:

2008-03-27, 00:42
I have a squirt P4. It has the scissors rather than pliers. I've used it several times. It's extremely light and very handy.

2008-03-27, 08:29
Leatherman Micra it is the small one with the scissors.

2008-03-27, 11:12
1. My paws.
2. Wife, tent raiser, water hauler, lean to shelter, windscreen, dish washer, hot water bottle, nurse.
3. Trifold entrenching tool. Hatchet, shovel, fishing rod, anchor, peg extractor, toilet paper holder, hammer, frying pan (never tried that one), poker for the camp fire.
4. Leatherman with sissors.

2008-03-27, 17:53
Machete - what can't it do!

2008-03-27, 20:31
Machete - what can't it do!

Fold up and fit in my hip belt pocket? :aetsch:

2008-03-28, 11:47
Firefighter I also use the Gerber Suspenion it's a great tool I carry it everywhere the locking tools are a blessing in some of the situations I have been in. The spring handle is very well made. Plus I got it on sale for $ 19.00 at Dicks Sporting goods. So I got that going for me.

2008-04-02, 02:10
i wish i got mine that cheap ....lol.....sorry for the late post....my wedding is on the 12th ....so bin busy....and bin working on my new gun...KAR mauser 98 ....modding it to what i want it to be....carbon fiber stock scout scope.....and re-blued......so bin working on ripping it down for the re-blue .....a 125$ 80 year old gun will get a 350$ makeover.....but....it's the gun i wanna redo....all will be kept part wise to restore at a later time back to stock.....but i love the mauser....great gun and wanna redo one sooo bad....so i just got one and bin working on it...i will post pics if anyone would like....befor and after

2008-04-03, 12:34
I just picked up a Gerber suspension yesterday and it does look like a real good tool!! I was looking for something that atleast had a locking knife blade so its nice that everything locks! I also like how you can open the other tools without opening the pliers(one handed even for the knife blades).Another thing I like is that you can open the other tools without ripping your thumb nail off !LOL The older types just have the crescent shaped indentation but this one is much better.Oh yeah,another thing is,this tool has no unnecessary implements,I can use every tool on it while hiking,fishing,hunting etc

Nearly Normal
2008-04-03, 23:22
Some of the metal used in knives today I don't even want to learn to sharpen.