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2008-03-31, 12:04

I have used both Clark and Hennessy Hammok Tents over the years. And, if you want to stay warm (pound for pound), you should go with the Clark North American...

"What?" you ask, this is one of the heavest hammok tents there is... Ok, it is, it is a pound or so heaver than other hammoks. But, the only way I have found to effectivly warm up Hennessy's and other Clarks while camping in sub-zero temperatures (say in the Grand Teaton area, or Yellowstone) is to carry a thin (1/4 inch) self inflating thermal pad. The weight of these is about 2 to 4 lbs.

With my Clark North American, I shove my extra gear in the under pockets, (along with the pocket wind break space) and stay just as warm, and I need no extra thermal lining. Aka, in the end, I save a pound, I have a dry place to shove my junk. And, I'm good.

It's to the point that I do not even crack out my Hennessy's if the temperature will get below 55 deg F at night.

What it comes down to is, have the right Hammok for the right weather. It's wiser than trying to use 1 hammok for all cases. I use my Hennessy on my 2 week summer trips through sierras. It is lighter than my Clark, and I actually like the cooling effect I get with no pad in the summer. But, I use the Clark when camping up around the Tetons. The Clark is a bit warmer, and I'ld rather carry a warmer hammok, than a pad. And, in the case of the Hennessy, the pad gets in the way of the bottom opening.

Again, if you camp a lot. Don't chump out. Get multipule hammok tents, and use the right one for the right occasion. And, if you drag a friend along who wants to try a hammok, you can have them carry the "odd-ball" hammok for your adventure.



What I have (Currently)...
1 Clark North American
1 Hennessy (older model)

mark o. david
2008-04-14, 23:04
I have a hammock design called the "Kayaker" this design ssed with a thermal pad has served me well for those cold nights.Visit my website and let me know what you think. www.deckhandman.com

SGT Rock
2008-04-19, 10:56
I've got a winter rig and a summer rig. There is some ability for cross-over, but it is nice to have the right hammock for the weather.