View Full Version : 15 months ago.

2008-04-19, 19:21
About 15 months ago before when I left to go to Afghanistan I asked people to hike a mile for me.

Who actually hiked that mile and how many miles did I log while I was gone?

2008-04-19, 19:56
I did a walk not for you but now it can be not in the woods left me car at the garage and walked home i guess it was one mile or so

SGT Rock
2008-04-19, 20:18
Bob Stratton Bald off of the BMT last November.

2008-04-20, 06:25
Thought about you while my wife and I hiked in the Smokies while on vacation.:beer:

2008-04-20, 10:52
My family day-triped 3 miles into the Oregon Blues.
Welcome back.