View Full Version : snowpeak titanium cup oily residue

2008-05-08, 10:46
In the course of fooling with alcohol stoves I've been boiling water in a snowpeak 700 cup.

If I let the stove go out and the cup sits around for a couple hours, there is a film of residue floating on the water surface. Colors look kind of like a thin film of oil, but I can't really tell what it is.

This happens even after a good cleaning with dish soap.

Anyone know
-what it is
- will it go away
- can I make it go away ('curing' the cup or something?)
- is it going to make me sick?


SGT Rock
2008-05-08, 16:36
I'm at a loss.

2008-05-08, 16:56
Thanks for the reply.

I'm beginning to think that it may be something uncouth in the water I was using.

Further experiments with some other pots have shown a similar film. I'm still trying to figure out what it is. Seems to be related to heating the water then letting it stand (covered, so nothing else seems involved). Just letting some cold water stand doesn't generate the film. Weird.

To their credit, Snow Peak did respond to an email. They couldnt offer much help, but they did try, and it looks like it is not their problem after all.

SGT Rock
2008-05-08, 17:09
Yep, Ti is pretty inert.

There is a possibility that there is something in your water that is reactive or maybe concentrates to the top under heat, or maybe when the water has some evaporates the film is there but shows up more as the water is "distilled" out.

Here is something to try. Get some distilled water (not just regular old bottled water) and try boiling it.

2008-05-08, 18:39
Ti is very inert, as Sgt said, but it does "rust". Your pot is almost guarenteed to not be 100% pure ti, you'd never buy it since it'd cost a paycheck. The rainbow glaze on ti is actually not a property of ti, but of its alloys. Your pot is probable Grade 5 Ti or lower ( higher number ), which is 6% or so Al and 4% or so of vanadium. Vanadium will oxidize with some salts and acids. That oxidation has a rainbow hue to it. Most likely, your pot is just really low grade ti and the standing water ( which has O2, salt, and acids ) is oxidizing the vanadium. But havingt said all that, it means nothing to you. Keep using your pot, no worries.