View Full Version : Building a Quilt, please help!?

2008-05-21, 00:27
My family is growing and we need another bag. I want to use this opportunity to get closer to my dream (see here) (http://www.nunatakusa.com/site07/arc_products/arc_alpinist.htm), but my funds are there yet, so in the meantime I thought I would experiment with Jeremy Padgett's recommendations.
Here is my plan:

Since I live in UT I need a versitile option (why the quilt is so perfect, not zipped up in a mommy in the middle of the redrock desert and can be cozy at 10,000+ft in feburary-I'm a very warm sleeper, have been sleeping in sub zero since 8yrs old in synthetics).

I plan on 3.5" baffles and 18 oz of 800+ down.

I plan to add straps and drawstring like the afore mentioned aspiration (again, I'm in no way trying to encourage anyone that I believe that this is a replacement, It's just going to have to do until I can afford the real deal.

What I need help with is the shell fabric, I can't find Pertex Quantum/Microlight or EPIC by NexTec for consumers anywhere, so what are your thoughts and experience with the following (I'm looking for comments about durability and comfort)?

1) Momentum 0.9 oz Ultralite Ripstop (http://thru-hiker.com/materials/breathable.php) (what I'm leaning towards right now).

2) Standard 1.1 oz RipStop (http://thru-hiker.com/materials/breathable.php)Pertex Equilibrium Bicomp

3) Pertex Equilibrium Bicomp (http://www.rockywoods.com/pertex_nylon.htm) - I know nothing about this one.

4) Your favorite that I didn't mentioned

Thanks everyone,

Edit: This will all be done after 2 or 3 tries with cheapo fabrics (wife is a master seamstress)