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2008-05-28, 16:41
I've read in numerous threads of some of you having problems with your feet and legs.
I discovered a terrific and easy way to exercise your feet and legs, especially for armchair rocker potatoes, or people whose painful feet keep them from exercising much, so that sitting more becomes a habit.

I had a collapsed foot from many, many years ago when stepping off a curb a car ran over the arch of my foot. I was really lucky it was only my foot. Anyway, as the years went by the foot degenerated and the ankle bone fell in love with the sole bone and gradually reached to meet it. The result of all that made walking or standing for any length of time really, really tiresome.
It became real fatigue. Then I discovered arch supports. The first one I bought for a $-whopping $200 and that was worth zilch! So, I made my own out of soft 'hardened' silicone molded to my own arches. Instant relief from the fatigue. However, it didn't resurrect my ankle bones. No, I didn't go to a Podiatrist... what could they do, except make me lighter in the wallet end?
I'd had so many surgeries for bunions, and at no time was exercise mentioned to provide relief, or a cure.

Anyway, a month ago I stumbled onto the most wonderful way to exercise your feet.. with the result that in 3 weeks time my collapsed bone structure of my foot has improved by at least 75%, and I see the future bringing the foot back to 95%. I wish I had hit upon this years before I had all the foot bunion surgeries that ultimately damaged the structure of my toes. I could have eliminated all that by just exercising my feet.

Here's the solution:
Most everyone nowadays has a rocker or rocker-recliner chair. All you need is a short footstool or a small pile of heavy books to place your feet on. Once you start this you can determine the right height for you. My footstool is 7.5 " from the ground. Experiment with what is best for your feet.

Sit in the rocker comfortably, reclined or straight up as you see fit. Place your feet so that the front part of the sole of your foot rests on the footstool..(just behind the toes.) Now, gently push the footstool so that you arch and bend your foot (or feet). Once you start this you will know where to place your feet for the best workout. Once it becomes a habit, and it will, you will wind up exercising the feet, ankles and legs 500 times a day, for whenever time you are sitting in that chair. Try doing 500 exercises of your foot/ankles in any other way! Impossible.

Another thing you will find after you start doing this steadily. The muscles in your behind will start to ache. Why this happens, I don't understand, but obviously, when you exercise your feet like that, it also exercises muscles in your behind that never get worked otherwise, thus, the ache.
After time, it works itself out, but the wonderful change in your ankles is worth the effort.

After doing this a week, it becomes effortless, and you rock yourself automatically. Give it a try, especially those with the painful ankles and leg muscles. You'll know how strongly to rock and arch your feet.. start gently, and you'll know when to make it more vigorous. Practice different types of arching of the foot. Alternate with putting all ten toes on the edge of the footstool and exercise them. You'd be surprised how rigid your toes get from not being bent naturally. This loosens them up in a week's time. Hope this helps those of you with foot problems. It sure has helped me. Bye. Francey