View Full Version : Any one else notice this?

2008-06-01, 20:56
I havent been able to hike much lately. Personal and job stuff have kept me from getting out, even for a day hike.

Anyway, I went hiking today, nothing special. It was the first time this year. It was hot 93+F, and very sunny. I drank the usual copious amounts of water, and was sweating like I was in a sauna.

To the point: after about four hours, I noticed dried sweat on my shoulder straps, shirt, hat, and belly pack. It was a white powder, very bitter to taste ( ew, but I had to know ), and coarse. Then I started phlegming very badly, almost like I had the flu or had gotten nailed by CS gas. I ran out of napkins, so I had to kinda airrag it all out. It reminded me of being in the crying house in basic.

After all this, MAN do I feel better. It's like I got a ton of toxins out of my body from not eating and living trail life more like I should. My skin looks better, and I am breathing ten times better.

Does this or has this ever happened to any of you?

2008-06-02, 11:57
Oh Yeah! Hiking and drinking lots of water is the best way I know to purge that junk outa my system! I get alot of the white buildup around the lumbar region of my pack as well as the shoulder straps. I feel alot better after a nice hike for sure.Alot of that white stuff is salt so its another reminder that after sweating like that you need not just water but electrolytes.

2008-06-03, 18:00
That's just it, it wasnt sodium salt at all. I think it's just waste.

And your right, a good hike on a hot day is a great way to clean out the system. I feel like a new suit two days later. Well, other than the sunburn. I left my sunscreen at home on Sunday. DOH!