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2008-06-15, 01:45
I went hiking today with the intent of sharpening my tracking skills. I figured I would find some deer or bobcat tracks and see how far I could track it. Nope, didnt find either. But I did find a nice size black bear.




Hope they came out okay.

Toward the end of my hike, I found an old side trail, so I decided to follow it. It was hard to follow and I had to keep pausing to probe around for snakes. After about 1/4 mile I realized as I approached a sawgrass blind, that it was a bear trail. I hiked the same 1/4 mile in a 1/4 of the time.

Edit: change the zoom on your broswer to 50%. They look a little clearer. Lower right hand corner of IE.

2008-06-25, 13:31
Went back to the same park Saturday. Right at the trail head, I mean 20 feet in, was a HUGE bear den. I left my daggum SD card in my puter, but my wife snapped a pic with her camera. I dont have it yet, but when I do, I'll post it.

2008-06-26, 02:31
Looks like Bigfoot tracks to me.