View Full Version : October wish I had told her

2008-06-18, 14:34
October wish I had told her

October, wish I had told her
Before like leaves her eyes gave way;
November, thought once so tender,
Now beneath cold ground put away.
December, thought once I saw her,
Felt her light but could not believe;
January starts without me,
Heart lies awake but cannot heave.

February, what's this that stirs me
Which warms my face in this frosted sun;
March winds passing through the larch
Bringing word new Spring hath come.


2008-06-20, 09:44
Are you this song I must leave undone?
Birds every morning sing, with others there to fill their words.
Tides come repeatedly, with waves large and small, like memories.
Trees each year taller grow, spreading their blossoms with each Spring.

what becomes of me?