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2008-06-24, 12:30
I'm about to purchase a new Hennessey Hammock online, but I'm having trouble deciding between two models- the Expedition Asym (fits a person up to 6' tall/ costs about $140) or the Explorer Ultralite Asym (fits a person over 6'/ costs about $220).

Here's the thing, I'm about 6'1"/6'2" (depending on which friend I'm standing next to). I want to buy the Expedition Asym because its about $80 cheaper than the other model, but I'm afraid it won't hold me due to my height.

Will I be too cramped in the Expedition?

Also, I imagine that the difference in price has to do with the type of fabric each model is made from. The Expedition has "210D Oxford nylon" and Explorer Ultralite has "70D nylon 160 x 90 high count"- I'll be honest... I don't know what that means :hmmmm: .

What are the differences between the two types of fabric?

Is there anything else I should know before I spend my money?

Thank you in advance for helping ease this my most important decision of the summer :biggrin: .

2008-06-24, 23:36
I'd recommend the Explorer Delux Asym at $200. Tom Hennessy doesn't skimp on his designs, so if he says you are pushing the envelope it's good advice. But I'm 5'-6" and am fine in the Exp Asym and can't really speak to fitting a larger person in the Exp Asym other than to say it is HUGE compared to a GI 1965 model that myself and many larger guys have spent 10-12 months in and laughed at the guys that had to sleep on the ground during that time. The more room you have inside, the better you will sleep (conversley: the heavier junk you carry, the harder your hike).

2008-06-25, 10:29
Call Hennessy and discuss your concerns with them.
Another thing to consider is the size of the tarp. I purchased the larger hex tarp. It came in handy when camping in the rain. I had room to cook under it. At the time I was backpacking, but usually I travel in a canoe so weight is not as much as an issue for me. Finally, there's temperature. I use the HH in warm weather - night temps above 60 F. Colder than that, I switch to a tent. But other people add to their HH in order to use it in cold weather. The temperature issue has to do with the lack of insulation that is under you in a hammock. You can also add insulation with a sleeping pad under you. I just take the old tent. Do get the snake skins. Call the folks at HH...

2008-06-25, 10:45
Get the bigger hammock........confort is important.... spend the money for the UL vz the deluxe, you have to carry the weight difference.

Then decide the best way to insulate the bottom.... this is the key to year round comfort....


2008-06-25, 18:09
Pan is Right On. I'm still working on bottom insulation ... I think I have it figured out for temps into the 40's, but my only chance to test it was with temps in the high 20's.... so I wimped out and went back to the tent. There's lots of techniques out there to use the HH year round. The Jacksrbetter link above is excellent.

2008-06-27, 13:17
Thanks for the info. I'm going to call Hennessey as soon as I get a chance (All work and no play makes Grunt a dull boy).

I'm no too concerned about temp., although that was a factor I had considered. I imagine that if I do find myself cold camping I can pitch the hammock closer to the ground, add my egg crate foam pad, and use my -10* mummy bag for extra insulation.

I'm going with the Explorer Ultralite. I'm pretty excited- Christmas really does happen in July!

Thanks again.

2008-06-27, 19:01
Less weight more $$$$. I was given an Expedition 2.5 a few years ago (not being a backpacker until a yr ago I never use it until this yr) which I have been told equates to the Asym and weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. I have dropped the tent and pad losing almost 4 lbs. I think you would be fine with the Asym, going to the ultralight doesn't drop that much extra weight. I agree with a previous poster, call Henessey just to be on the safe side that you can fit in it. I am a Hobbit (5'4'') so I am not going to say that's the right size for you. My 10 year old daughter is waiting anxiously for her Hennessey Scout due to arrive on Monday in time for backpacking Dolly Sods, WV over July 4th. Good luck....

2008-06-28, 01:25
I'm 6' 1" & 210lbs. I have an Explorer Ultralight. I think the HH sizing recommendations are correct. You won't regret the extra $80.

You really need some insulation to make the hammock usable. I use the JRB Nest. I have found that even in warm weather a wind/breeze will cool your back to the point it's hard to sleep. Last weekend it was quite warm & I used a JRB WeatherShield. It did a fine job of blocking the wind from cooling my back.