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2008-06-27, 21:01
Two years ago my friend Steve presented me with a book, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" about Aron Ralston, the hiker who cut his hand off because he got it stuck in a bolder in the middle of nowhere. You may say what is funny about that? Well, I was recovering in the hospital from a close encounter with a tablesaw after 6 1/2 hours of surgery when presented with the book. The doc did a great job and prayers and the "sick" humor offering of that book helped me put things in perspective over the next 6 months of therapy and I decided to laugh about it and not "snivel" as Sgt Rock would say. My kids referred to me as Wolverine with my pins, that was pretty funny the first time I heard it. Since then I have done more things outdoors with my girls, backpacking, hiking and whitewater rafting. I actually look at this whole escapade as a blessing in disguise in paying more attention to my girls and getting outdoors with them. Backpacking is a recent thing over the last year and I am still a novice but I look forward to learning new ideas on posts like this.

2008-06-28, 09:28
Welcome. You've come to the right place. There is a ton of knowledge on this site.

I had a similar experience with a bleed in my brain about three years ago now that has totally changed my life for the better. I feel ya man.

2008-06-29, 05:56
That's a story that turned out well. Enjoy the outdoors with your kids as much as you can. Success is best measured by every hour that you do. :beer:

Frolicking Dino
2008-06-30, 09:23
He-Dino had a similar experience a couple of years ago. As you say, it was the somewhat twisted humor that got him thru - especially the therapy part.

Welcome to the site.

2008-07-01, 21:49
Thanks for the welcome. I have already made good use out of Sgt Rock's Hennessey Hammock overview, especially the part about setting it up as a bivy in the event there are no trees. I am going to Dolly Sods, WV to backpack over July 4th weekend with my daughter Abbie -10. Her Hennessey Scout just came yesterday. It came with the snakeskins and she wouldn't let me steal them for my hammock!!!