View Full Version : A hiking forum without a drinking thread?

2008-07-01, 15:36
Lately I've been hiking around my Wild Turkey drinking.

I mean, lately I've been taking Wild Turkey when I hike.


2008-07-01, 16:00
That stuff always makes me wish for cold weather.
Why is that?

Let me drink on that for a moment. :cheers:

SGT Rock
2008-07-01, 16:15
A little bourbon for me.

Hog On Ice
2008-07-01, 19:02
Rock - what do you think of Elijah Craig bourbon?

SGT Rock
2008-07-01, 19:32
I think I need to try some because I haven't yet.

Frolicking Dino
2008-07-01, 20:11
Friends don't let Dinos drink while hiking.... Dino fall enough without that.

2008-07-01, 21:30
If you need a good drinking laugh, check out this youtube link. A hilarious look at not mixing drinks at a party, stick with one. FYI - I'm a beer guy, draft first, bottled next, never out of a can!!!


Nearly Normal
2008-07-04, 03:58
Try Knob Creek.
It's my new favorite.

2008-07-04, 08:35
I will never drink while hiking again, ever.

2008-07-04, 08:51
If it's too large a crowd it usually becomes only about the drinking.
If I drink while hiking it would only be with the finest company. ;)

Wise Old Owl
2008-07-13, 15:37
Rock - what do you think of Elijah Craig bourbon?

Great stuff - if you can afford it. Honest here in backwood's PA we have a union that got stuff all messed up. SO if I was to hike it would be in a 7 oz plastic bottle. - I can only get Jim Beam that way.

2008-07-13, 21:59
I will never drink while hiking again, ever.

Amigi, is there a story behind that statement that you would like to share? :biggrin:

Lone Cheeze
2008-07-14, 10:14
Please do share!

2008-07-15, 20:40
Maker's Mark for me or Patron.

Lone Cheeze you have my new favorite avatar

2008-07-15, 21:26
Came across this old Robert Burns tune today, published 1860.
Not sure when it was written, and I have never heard it played.
Great as a poem though, like all Burns stuff.

We are anchored by the roadside Jim

We are anchored by the roadside, Jim, as we've ofttimes before
When you and I were weary from sacking on the shore
The moon shone down in splendor, Jim, it shone on you and I
And the little stars were shining when we drank the old jug dry
But those was the good old days, those good old days of yore
When Murphy ran the tavern and Burnsy kept the store
When the whiskey flowed as free, brave boys, as the waters in the brook
And the boys all for their stomach's sake their morning bitters took
Now the times they have altered, Jim, and men have altered too
And some have undertaken for to put rumsellers through
They say that whiskey's poison, Jim, and scores of graves has dug
And ten thousand snakes and devils can be seen in our old jug
But never mind such prattle, Jim, Though some of it be true
We'll sleep where we've a mind to, together, me and you
For the drink they call cold water, won't do for you nor I
So we'll haul the cork at leisure, and we'll drink the old jug dry

p.s. Not a Burns song I don't think.
A lumberjack song performed in Wisconsin by a Robert Walker. see next post

2008-07-15, 21:28
To be honest it doesn't sound exactly like Burns, unless its been translated.
All I can find on it is the same thing on numerous lyrics sites. See what I can dig up.

I don't think it was Robert Burns, though I think that might be a reference to him in the lyrics.
I think it was a fellow by the name of Robert Walker. At least he was the performer in these recordings...

Here is something on him. He was from Wisconsin...

Robert Walker — Born in 1883, Walker “worked in the woods every winter of his life until he retired in 1955.”

here is a picture of him...

And here is a great collection of his songs. I think he passed in in 1961, at the age of 78 ? Great recordings.