View Full Version : Ratchet Straps

2008-07-06, 15:23
Has anyone had any experience using ratchet straps rigging thier hammock?

SGT Rock
2008-07-06, 20:07
Not me. I think it would work, but I don't know that it would make the set up any better.

2008-07-06, 20:48
Wouldn't those be heavier to carry?

Just wondering.

Hog On Ice
2008-07-07, 08:50
I recall considerable discussion over on hammockforums.net about using the straps minus the ratchet mechanism - looked to be a good cheap way to get the straps. Myself - I went with straps from strapworks.com.

2008-07-07, 10:19
I use some straps I got from the hardware store (I don't think they were ratchet straps though) on my homemade hammock.

texas hiker
2009-04-22, 09:33
In March or April of 2008 I took my daughter and my son camping. We had some brand new hammocks that were still in the packages. What I did not know is that the hammocks did not come with any way to attach them to a tree.

We were only about 200 yards from my truck. So we went back to the truck and got my tie down straps. I had both - the ratchet and the quick cinch type. The quick cinch may not be the correct name. Its just the type that you pulled the strap and there was a one way buckle on it. To release, you just press the buckle.

Everything worked out well. I had enough straps in my truck to fix all three hammocks up.

But just incase one of the new hammocks did not work out, I had brought along my old hammock - which was ready to go. So all we needed was 4 straps.

kayak karl
2009-04-22, 17:58
i use them on my truck. great till they get wet. used them on hammock at a state park (car camping). i would NOT backpack with them.