View Full Version : A idiot proof stove

2008-07-15, 09:22
Any one can make this stove no tools needed


2008-07-15, 14:12
That was great oops. I like all your videos, and stoves. That would be nice with wood also. Maybe an insulated pad underneath for snow or wet ground.

Do have any good designs for insulated ground pads? I have some ceramic wool, but I understand the fibres can be bad to breath so I need to cover it up somehow. I've though of aluminum muffler tape but I'm not sure how it would hold up on the hot side. Any luck keeping insulated pads light?

SGT Rock
2008-07-16, 18:05
Great idea for a stove.

2008-07-17, 01:08
love all your videos.....there great and gave me tons of ideas

2008-07-30, 00:28
Nice idea I like the other videos you have done as well.

2008-07-31, 23:22
Great idea Oops. How do you come up with all these ideas? Great videos also. I like your photogenic smile behind that frying pan.:biggrin: