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2008-07-15, 11:09
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You know the saying, "Traveling is so broadening"? It's true. Studies have shown that money makes you happy only if you spend it on experiences like trips and travel.

So where to go? What to do to be happy? Start off with OurExplorer (http://www.ourexplorer.com), a new destination guide that prides itself as being not like everything travel guide. Rather than having writers mete out some tips and tricks from their travels abroad, OurExplorer actually has advice straight from the horses mouth, that is to say, locals.

So if you're aching to go to Toronto, you might want to check out want Arno in Toronto, local private tour guide (http://www.ourexplorer.com) extraordinare, has to offer. The site itself is fairly straightforward. You can browse the most popular destinations, or search for your own locale. You can find an actual tour guide for your trip, or just read about some of the local wisdom offered. Or if you want to stay close to home, register yourself as a local tour guide (http://www.ourexplorer.com). You might actually like it.

"OurExplorer (http://www.ourexplorer.com) is for adventurous travellers like you who enjoy insight into local cultures and dare to be different."