View Full Version : pinchot trail

2008-07-17, 01:03
well...planning the frist hike of the season for my friend and i...and this is where we are goin...well..first we are goin to do an overnight close to home to test our gear...but this is where we are heading it looks like....anyone ever hike there???

2008-07-17, 10:06
I've worked on parts of it for KTA Trail Care. It's flatter and loopier than other PA trails but still rocky by non-local standards. We'd love to hear about your experiences. Here's somebody else's: http://www.pahikes.com/trails/pinchottrail01.asp
Toyota kluger (http://www.toyota-wiki.com/wiki/Toyota_Kluger)

2008-07-17, 22:18
Hike there plenty of times. Great local trail, perfect hike for gear shakedown in prep for longer hikes.