View Full Version : LazerBrite LB2

2008-07-17, 02:07
just ordered a LazerBrite LB2 for my main hiking light....besides my headlamp....got the blue and green ..being that i will have a white light on my headlamp....and the blue and green in the demo they have looks to be pretty bright...i think it should work out nice....i hope lol

2008-07-21, 20:09
well got the LB2 ...came sat and played with it till i had to hit the sack for work ...just as rock said it's alittle brighter than a cem light and the sive is much bigger than i thaught it would be but it's not a giant...i'm very happy with the buy...one thing i got the blue and green...i think i'm goin to order a white one to swap out with the green one...and use the blue one like a light stick and the white and my flashlight...

2008-07-22, 11:21
If I remember correctly are those the ones you have to hold the button down on to keep them on or do they have a switch? If they have the switch be careful cause they tend to get switched on rather easily in your pack and run the batteries down then you have a dead light when you don't want one. That's if I'm remembering correctly, and if I'm not Rock will correct me I'm sure...LOL.