View Full Version : Uncle Johnny's Hostile

2003-01-08, 10:52
I have stayed at johnnys many times and have NEVER had a problem...but we all know the story ...here's the place to complain about johnny...

2003-01-08, 11:00
Hostel?Hostile? Teehee, I get it.

2003-01-08, 12:36
LOL If you've never had a problem, why do you say "hostile"? :D

2003-01-08, 14:05
The man is just trying to eke out a living in Erwin, TN. So he takes stuff out of the hiker box and sells it in his store. I guess that might piss some people off. Sure, he charges you a couple bucks to drive you a mile into town. This is Erwin we are talking about! He wasn't a bad guy and we even talked him into a discount on a pair of socks. I do hear that Miss Janet in town is more hospitable and serves a kick ass Easter Dinner if you happen to be there over the holiday.

2003-01-08, 21:59
Mis Janet's hospitality stretches far beyond the borders of Erwin. And she's ecking out a living on donations alone. Nice 20 mile slackpack setup too.

lucky luke
2004-04-18, 05:25

uncle johnny sure is a caracter... ;)

but who is loved by everyone?

happy trails
lucky luke

Pencil Pusher
2004-07-24, 02:35
The ironic thing I think is funny about this thread title, Rick the Lone Wolf stated it was Uncle Johnny that told him to purposely use the word 'hostile' in place of 'hostel' to drive people nuts. :laugh:

Papa Smurf
2004-08-24, 16:01
Uncle Johnny gave us a hard time when we came through and he was full that night and had no place for us. We spent over $50 in his little store and then he cussed us out because we wanted to go to a motel in town. He kept telling us we needed to go the Holiday Inn. When we refused he told us if we didn't leave his place he would call the cops on us. When we got out side and walked to the other side of the road by the bridge he started yelling at us again. "You shouldn't support those kind of people!!" When we got to the motel, it was run by some Indians (India). I guess that's what he meant by "those" kind of people. The man that picked us up and took us to town said this area is famous because "we make great moonshine, we ran off all the blacks in '51, and we hung an elephant." Yippee! Papa Smurf GA-ME '02