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steve hiker
2003-01-20, 18:28
Sgt. Rock--

What's the title of the Ed Speers book you mentioned? I plugged Ed (&Edward) Speer(s) into Amazon and came up empty.

SGT Rock
2003-01-20, 18:38
"Hammock Camping" by Ed Speer. Here is a link: Hammock Camping (http://www.hammockcamping.com/)

You can order it through Amazon.com, there is a link on that site.

2003-01-26, 13:19
...was at the pine grove ruck yesterday. iwas lurking incognito there for a couple hours and got a chance to meet ed and purchase his book. he said he was maybe dixicritter's fourth cousin twice removed. anyway it was a real pleasure meeting ed, he was very patient with my questions and enlightening to talk with.

SGT Rock
2003-01-26, 13:24
Yes, I haven't met him in person, but I have exchanged e-mails with him. I'm trying to get my in-laws to send him their info on family history because in addition to being a hammock hiking enthusist, he also has writen on the Speer family history and maintains a lot of info and a web site on the family. Apparently he had little to no info on her side, but were were able to track back using his info and verify that they are related.

Knowing my in-laws, it is hard to belive they are related though. The first thing I said to her: "They can't be form the same family, Ed likes to sleep outside" LOL.