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SGT Rock
2003-01-20, 18:03
Any Vermont hikers out there with trail reccomendations besides the AT and the LT?

2003-01-21, 09:21
The Long Trail is the backbone of the hiking trails in Vermont. Almost everything else is a side trail to the Long Trail.

Some nice day hikes are written up in the Green Mountain Club's Day Hike book.

In winter, there is the Catamount trail.

Team GAK
2003-01-21, 19:18
You should contact the Green Mountain Club at http://www.greenmountainclub.org/ to get a list of Vermont trails. The Long Trail from Mass to Canada is about 270 mile and takes less than a month. It's like a mini-AT. Lots of variety and 5, 4000 footers. Any time after July 4th the bugs are bearable. We did this hike in August '99. There are convenient mail drop and resupply towns along the way. The first 100 miles is the AT.

2003-01-22, 12:59
What is the recommended Trail Guide for the Long Trail....something real current with town services, etc.

Team GAK
2003-01-22, 14:07
There's the Long Trail guide with maps & trail description. Then there's the End To Enders ( this is updated every year ) guide, whichs talk about towns & other details. You can get these at the Green Mountain Club Web Site.