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2003-01-21, 00:36
I have read 3 of his books in the past year. He is a through hiker. He walks across america. It is very important you read the books in order.

2003-01-21, 15:00
Absolutley!! I recommend Peter Jenkins' books to anyone who'll listen ... very inspirational. I've read the two "Walk Across America" ones and have "Looking For Alaska" sitting on the bookshelf to read soon.

If you haven't already you really should read these books!

2003-01-21, 19:46
I haven't seen the alaska book, I'll have to head back out to book store. I'm not sure of the name of the book but it deals with his coastal travels.... His wife left him..... I didn't ever expect that to happen.

2003-01-23, 19:12
Gosh ... his wife left him :(

Amazon have "Looking For Alaska"


... I think he did a book about the Great Wall of China, not heard of the other you mention!


2003-01-23, 19:21
Yeah there is a great wall book. I think there is 6 books total... I also read an article in backpacker magazine that has a "Peter Jenkins" that started tree camping out west. I'm not sure if it is him or not I'll see if I can dig up the magazine issue.

2003-01-23, 19:27
Wow ... sounds interesting! Let me know!! Another writer which I came across from a friend last year was Graham MacKintosh ... he walked around the Baja California ... what a guy!!