View Full Version : How do you make a birthday cake on a Trangia?

SGT Rock
2003-01-21, 22:53
It's my wife's birthday, but I can't get the cake to come out right on my Trangia. :p

2003-01-21, 23:32

I would suggest forget the Trangia, and use a dutch oven since you already have the fire going at the top of the screen. May even just prop the cake up by the fire as I have done and let it bake, would do better with a foil reflector over the top.

Seriously Happy Birthday to Dixicritter and I hope she has a great day.


2003-01-22, 02:11
LOL....Oh please don't encourage him to burn the house down. :D

Wander Yonder
2003-01-22, 06:35
Hey, Sarge,

Here's a site that tells you how to bake all kinds of goodies on your soda can stove, including:

Biscuit , Chicken & Dumplings , Apple Cobbler

Pizza , Raisin Cinnamon Coffee Cake , Chili & Cornbread

Birthday Cake , Cheese Quiche , Oatmeal Muffin


Here's the way they make their simmer ring so they can bake on the soda can stove. http://www.trailquest.net/dlgcsimattach.html

More than you REALLY wanted to know, huh? :D

SGT Rock
2003-01-22, 10:18
I've seen that trailquest link before. That is very cool, but more trouble than I'm used to in my cooking style, but I'm a soldier that eats at two levels above raw food, and one level above cold MREs.

I think it is worth it though, you never know when you might want to zero on the trail instead of a town (I like it) and cook something besides noodles. My favorites so far have been some rare steak, bake potatoes and omlets. A lot of that you can cook on an alcohol stove or throw into a coal bed of a camp fire.

Wander Yonder
2003-01-22, 12:39
When I have a small fire, I prefer to cook directly on the coals.

I can set my pot in hot coals for a fast boil, or in slower coals around the edges for a simmer.

And you get NO soot on your pot when you cook in the coals like you do over a fire.

I intend to do a few zeros just camping. But I doubt I will cook anything as fancy as those recipes either. But I think it is cool that you can if you are so inclined!

2003-02-01, 12:32
With a fire and a reflector oven you can make all sorts of things. sharon_at03- nice link. I'll have to try some of that. Plans are at http://uberpest.50megs.com/makegear.html
MRE's( Meals Refused by Everyone lol) some aren't that bad others well...

Wander Yonder
2003-02-01, 15:11
Pobbie, what an absolute goldmine of a site!!!!! The patterns and instructions for dog gear and the Swiss Army snow shoes are my favorites!

I have that site bookmarked and will be spending a lot of time there.

And I'm not even to the reflector oven yet!

THANKS!!!! :)

2003-02-01, 17:44

Its not at that site I mixed up sites sorry. That site is a good site though.the plans are available from is available at http://www.netwoods.com/cooking/reflect_oven1.html
use oven liners for the cookie sheets, much lighter. Sorry about the wrong link-got reflector oven confused for solar oven. Do a search for reflector ovens- I came up with all sorts of sites for plans and instructions for use. Sorry!

Wander Yonder
2003-02-01, 18:18
Pobbie, that link doesn't work for me.

2003-02-09, 19:10
the link is fixed sharon.

I made biscuts on my stove after burning them to my pot. don't use a titanium pot they are too thin to transfer heat evenly and the food will burn to where the flame is (why do you think dutch ovens are so dang thick????) Today I made the coffee cake. It didn't taste like much. Next time I'm putting a half teaspoon or so of coffee grounds in.

Wander Yonder
2003-02-10, 00:46
Pobbie, I have almost decided to just go with the primitive ashcake idea if I have a terrible craving for fresh bread! I get a real kick out of primitive cooking, but it's not for everyone. :)

2003-02-10, 18:38
I dont know about ashcake but toast right on the coals is good(this is coming from someone who eats almost any thing and even likes some MRE's):D It really isn't that hard to make the stuff on the link that you gave.

Wander Yonder
2003-02-10, 23:57
Now you have taught me something new. I hadn't thought of doing toast on the coals!

2003-02-13, 19:13
Careful it burns very quickly. Trust me and don't ask ho I would know:D