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2003-01-22, 15:15
about 4-5 years ago I was solo hiking mount magazine here in Arkanasas with my dog. We took the cove lake --> cameron bluff route. Wonderful trip thouroughly enjoyed it. I did not however know the area very well (important later) and because of safety culture, bear bagged my food and cook gear before retiring for the night.

(1 year later)

Me and my now ex-wife decide to car camp at cameron bluff, this was my last shot to try and convince her that there was something worthwhile in the outdoors. I noticed that there were ALOT of signs warning of bear activity in the area, and actually found some ursine scat right on the road. (graduate courses in mammalogy, so I knew what I was looking at) She thought it was a joke. well, just after dark (having bear bagged again out of habit) we hear 'click click click click' as 2 rather large, (well bigger than me) bears were walking on the pavement, claws clicking with every foot strike. at this point my beagle/chicken hybrid tried to crawl into my sleeping bag while my brave and slightly dimwitted rotti started growling at the bears. my ex at this point freaked.

*CRASH* Trash can number 1
*CRASH* Trash can number 2
*CRASH* Etc, you get the picture.

This goes on for some hours, the bears left and returned (assuming they were the same bears) 5 times that night. My ex refused to leave the tent to pee, and ended up difiling a dog dish.

They next morning at the interpretive center I asked the rangers about the bears and was informed that this was a nightly occurence, and that bear proof (read resistant) garbage cans would be installed when the park was renovated in the coming years. I also found out that magazine mountain boasted the 2nd highest black bear population per acre in the US.

(4 years later)

Camped again at magizine this last january and didn't see a single bear. the people resistant garbage cans are apparently working.



steve hiker
2003-01-22, 19:40
lol, I bet your ex never went hiking with you again. Maybe the bears were sleeping last January? I bet the area with the highest concentration of black bears per acre in the U.S. is the Smokies.

SGT Rock
2003-01-22, 19:54
I would have taken pictures LOL.

2003-01-22, 23:54
no camera. one of my greatest regrets in life.

and no we never went out doors again together again.

now, my new wife is interested, we just need to find a pack that would fit a 15 month old. (lets see... 25% of his body weight would be around 5-6 pounds....)