View Full Version : Crazy Creek LEX Arrived

SGT Rock
2003-01-22, 21:00
I just got my new Crazy Creek LEX for testing. Very interesting hammock.

SGT Rock
2003-01-24, 09:09
Slept in the yard last night. When I got up at 0400 for work this morning it was 21* with a 15* windchill.

Initial observations:

1. More tippy than my Hennessy Hammock.

2. Easy to set up, buckles and straps, no knots to tie.

3. Pad sleeve was handy and kept the pad exactly where it needed to be. Pad sleeve 24" wide so it was just right for my pads.

4. Because of the shape, it was like sleeping at the bottom of a pipe, not what I'm used to in Hennessy Hammocks. It lets you get flat if you really pull it tight, but I like the off angle sleeping better.

5. I used a sunscreen, a eggcrate pad, and a surpluss Army closed cell foam pad; my bag was a Nunatack Backcountry Blanket. No problems staying warm. I wore my fleece and my filed jacket/pants liners - was warm enough most of the night to just have the blanket loose over me.

6. Somebody needs to shoot the neighbor's dog.

I didn't set up the tarp to try that yet. More will follow.

2003-01-24, 10:10
I just spent a 2nd night in my Crazy Crib LE. I slept a bit chillier than the first night (both nights around 10 degrees) but pitched in more wind and used less sleeping bag. Full report over on Whiteblaze.