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Uncle Wayne
2003-01-23, 08:51
Here's something funny that happened to my wife and I during our last section hike in the Smokies. This is posted somewhere on Whiteblaze.net so some of you may have already seen it.

Our last night of our October section hike in the Smokies was spent at Mollies Ridge Shelter. There were 9 of us spending the night and my wife and I were the last ones to arrive. All the bottom places in the shelter were taken so we had to sleep on the top level. This shelter had no ladder or any way to climb up to the top except by stepping up on the bottom level (which was about 3 feet high) and then do the best you could to crawl / pull your self on up. Standing on the ground I could not see over the edge of the top level, (I'm 5'10") so for my 5' 4" wife it was quite a challenge for her to climb up. As we went to bed that night a couple of the guys on the bottom level chuckled at our lack of prowness as we climbed to the top. I had to actually push my wife up. After I climbed up, one of the guys was still laughing and especially after my wife asked me out loud, "how in the world am I going to get down tonight to go pee? You know I'll have to go." One of the guys directly below us was laughing very hard and as he quieted down I replied, "don't worry about it, just hang over the side and let 'er go, that's what I'm going to do." (Of course I was just kidding.) His laughing abruptly stopped and the silence that immediately spread throughout the shelter was just as funny to us. In a few minutes his wife came in the shelter, ready to bed down and he said," honey, get the ponchos." She asked, "Why do we need our ponchos?" He replied," Get the damn ponchos, they're gonna piss all over us tonight!" I guess you had to be there to get the full impact but it was something that I still laugh about. We managed to hold our fluids until morning and our friends below stayed dry.

2003-01-29, 23:53
I read this over on whitblaze and I still like it. Good story:D