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2003-01-23, 17:40
Went on a walk up the AT to Sunfish Pond in the Delaware Water Gap with some friends and thier kids only to return to the car to find it broken into. A number of things were racing thotough my head including how I should not act too pissed on a special weekend, how my wife should have listened to me about not leaving her billfold under the front seat, and scrambling to see if my beloved down bags were stolen from our tents.

A few minutes passed. Hey, the bags were OK! And my wife's wallet was not taken! Phew. Vandalism or a stray baseball is better than theft, right? About that time some people who who were camping in the next site explained what happend. Later they sent us these pictures.

Take special notice of the one at the top. You can see the culprit's bare behind sticking out my window.


Rick B

(While most of my food was in the trunk, I had missed a bag of marshmellows and chips. Even though there were no special postings about bears in the area (and indeed even the dumpster was not bear-proofed), I should have known better than to have missed them. I feel guilty for having helped corrupt that guy).

SGT Rock
2003-01-23, 18:17
Mmmmmmm, marshmellows

2003-02-05, 06:59
I guess the store was closed for the weekend,That why he didnt take the Wallet:D