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2003-01-08, 11:12
the thigpens are nice folks.....

Blue Jay
2003-01-08, 12:27
Yes they are, however the place revels in southern stereotypes. There used to be a "Totem Pole" out front that said "Weum havum what youum wantum". Not exactly politically correct and could be offensive to some. They seemed to treat everyone very well and I liked it there (in the Honeymoon Suite, of course). It is one of the interesting trail institutions that should not be missed, if only for the food.

2003-01-08, 12:34
Gotta second the food!

I don't think I would stay there again, though. The bunk houses are .... intresting (is the best way to put it) and the tenting lawn was infested with yellow jackets when I went through.

2003-01-08, 16:24
its different and they still have the cryptic signs outfront..at least the signs were there this fall when i dropped by...and the place could use a good cleaning up...the thigpens are nice folks but i still call the place THIGPEN'S PIGPEN...but the hamburgers are great..they do a big local breakfast and lunch business...

2003-01-08, 22:31
Apparently you should'nt show up in a DANZIG T-shirt though. I avoided the place on reputation alone. Almost as many bad stories as Uncle Johnie's.

2003-01-09, 11:25
We were stoked to go there for breakfast. I had actually driven by there on a whitewater trip and thought "boy that place is a DUMP" a few years before. I was TOTALLY surprised to find out Mt Mammas was the same place! That was pretty nifty.

Anyway, what annoyed us was the road walk. No hitching to be had down. We were stoked to see a sign that said they would shuttle us back up to the trail for a fee. Well, when the time came he was "too busy" which kinda ticked us off. Okay, if you are doing it for free, but when you charge a fee, and then say its not worth it? Anyway, we most likely won't be going back, but it depends on how hungry we are. Morals don't hold up when the stomach is talking :)

Gravity man

2003-01-09, 11:31
Heh - burger......morals......burger.......morals....... burger......BURGER!!!!!

2003-01-09, 11:40
:eek:Having a Stephen King moment. The neighbors dog is in our front yard chewing on a pig head. Daylight hours seem WAY freakier than nighttime to me now.

2003-01-09, 17:40
Gravity, the world does not revolve around thru-hikers. If you are capable of walking in, then you are capable of walking out.

Lone Wolf
2003-01-09, 18:39
No shit. Thank you Peaks.

2003-01-10, 09:22
Some people come into a town with the attitude that they are entitiled to special favors becasue they are thru-hikers.

2003-01-10, 11:05
I was wearing my Mountain Mama sweatshirt yesterday! You all have a good point. MM is basically a long way straight down from Davenport Gap and a way from the AT. It is a pain to walk back up to the Gap, so Carol prides herself on shuttling folks back up for a $1. Otherwise, she knows she would be hurting her business. I am very surprised to hear that she wouldnt drive you up. Perhaps you were not willing to wait? Sometimes she will make you wait for an hour or so to consolidate groups. Her big dog fianally died. 8-(
Ask her about Eric Rudolf sometime...


2003-01-11, 01:20
When I was there, there was a couple of people waiting to get a ride and thought they had waited too long, and got up and left. In the next shelter I found that they had ranted about it in the register. :(

Now, if they had only waited a few more minutes, they would have gotten their ride, as Carol came out soon after they started hiking out.

The owners were very busy that day, with hikers and locals alike. It was too bad that the ranters couldn't see it from that perspective.