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2008-08-19, 08:26
Hi again everyone.

I thought I'd share a little piece of cooking gear that I have used on multi-day walks with my wife.

I usually walk solo and use the Pocket Rocket with an appropriate supply of gas canisters (I like the jetboil canisters - they seem to work well and are smaller than most), but when there's two of us and we're out for more than a couple of days, I bring out the big guns...

Have you guys seen these:

Before I get jumped on, no I don't carry one of these unless we are on a 4WDing trip. This called a "Rambo Stove", I guess because when your M60 link and explosive arrows run out you can frisbee it at the evil Russians. The cool thing about the stove is the fuel canisters - we often find them on special here for about A$5.50 (approx. US$4.80) for a pack of four 220g (7.8oz) canisters. These are about the same shape and size as a spray paint can.

I was lucky enough to be browsing in a budget camping store and found an adapter which allows me to use these canisters with a pocket rocket or my old kovea burner.

So, running the numbers, you're looking at the following for a pocket rocket, adapter and canister - 500g (17.6 ounces). Those numbers don't really sound all that flash, but cooking for two people (two cooked meals a day - home dehydrated - plus brew-ups), I've been getting around four days out of a canister. For a 7-day trip, that means two canisters, adapter and burner for a grand total weight of 720g (25.3 ounces).

Using a standard 110g (3.8 oz) canister for the pocket rocket under the same conditions, I'm lucky to get 1 day out of a canister. This means I would need 7 standard canisters for a grand total of 880g (31oz) including the pocket rocket burner unit.

Now five ounces doesn't seem like a lot of weight to shave off, but the adapter/rambo canister setup has a few important advantages for me:

1. Less bulk - two spraycan sized canisters are easier to pack than 7 standard canisters

2. Less cost - 2 x spraycan sized canisters - A$2.75 versus 7 x standard 110g canisters - A$49

3. A more stable platform than a burner on a little-bitty standard gas canister.

I am not sure where one would find these adapters in the US, Canada, UK or NZ, but if anyone really wants one, I can point you towards an Aussie distributor who does mail order.

2008-08-19, 21:39
hi mclmm

[ is that "MushroomCloudLayingMo(&*&(&er ] ? :)

My wife and I use a model like the first one in your post, similar in all respects except that is is entirely black. We bring it along for car-camping trips, and that sort of thing. We got it by redeeming AirMiles points. So far, I am satisfied with it, but I wouldn't want to haul it around in a pack.

2008-08-19, 23:23
[QUOTE=proc;35432]hi mclmm

[ is that "MushroomCloudLayingMo(&*&(&er ] ? :)QUOTE]

That's classified :beer:

[QUOTE=proc;35432]...but I wouldn't want to haul it around in a pack QUOTE]

me neither. We only use the rambo stove when we're car camping. The fuel cans and an aptor to fit the Pocket Rocket are good to go though.

2008-08-23, 09:22
mclmm - Could I trouble you for the URL of the seller of the 225g butane can
to Pocket Rocket adapter ?

thanks, Jack

2008-08-23, 10:34
No probs Jack -

Here you go:



http://cgi.ebay.com.au/GASMATE-BUTANE-ADAPTOR-FOR-GAS-STOVE-WOK-HIKING-USE-MSR_W0QQitemZ200212560092QQihZ010QQcategoryZ62117Q QtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1742.m153.l1262


They should keep you out of trouble.

If none of them work out, let me know.

You should be looking at between US$10 and US$15 for the adapter plus whatever shipping turns out to be.

2008-08-23, 16:32
mclmm - Thanks. Hopefully shipping on something so small & light
will be merely outrageous. Bought a Bedourie oven from Southern
Metal Spinners a few years ago - The freight was appalling. Great
piece of kit though, if you don't mind feeding the horse that carries
it :)