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2008-08-20, 08:59
I searched the forum for these and didn't get any hits, so I felt it was my duty to inform the board.

What are they? They are MRE entree sized retort pouched filled with authentic indian or thai meals.

To say they are awesome would be an understatement. I went looking for these after suffering through two weeks on Menu G 24 hr Combat Ration packs due to an administrative error. After 14 days of sloppy chilli con carne and lamb and vegetables with rosemary, I'd have chewed the arse out of a flyblown wombat if I could have found one.

I found the tastybites in our local supermarket. I chuck a couple in my pack just in case we are stuck on the one ration pack menu again.

I don't know if you can find them in your local supermarket or not, but they are available in the US through http://www.tastybite.com/

Strangely enough, the US website doesn't list the most outstanding meal ever to come out of a bag - Tastybite butter chicken with rice.

To prepare the tastybite is exactly the same as preparing an MRE entree. I usually heat em in a billy or canteen cup of water and eat them straight out of the bag. They'll even fit inside the flameless ration heater. The only difference is they have a silver packet instead of the MRE's tan one.

My picks:

Dal - vegetarian
Bombay Potatoes - vegetarian
Jaipur Lentils - vegetarian
Chicken Korma - awesome with reconstituted potato powder
Butter Chicken

Stay away from the Peas Paneer - this freaky-a$$ed concoction has green cheese in it which to my delicate palate was downright disgusting. The taste hung around too - would you believe for two days. repeated brushings failed to dislodge the taste and my wife was complaining about the weird smell emanating from my pores. Stay safe, it's not worth it.

The pouches are not lightweight food, but they are restaurant-quality and the heat from the curry is well worth it on a cold day. I usually save one for the last night of a trip as a treat.

I found a 2005 review of tastybites on the backpackergeartest website:


2008-08-20, 23:57
I used to take Indian MREs backpacking until I got tired of the weight. Each package was somewhere between 12 to 16 oz.

If you have a local Indian grocery store, you might want to check out some other brands of MREs. They are cheaper & tastier than TastyBite. The imported brands are better, IMHO.

Tipi Walter
2008-08-21, 00:27
I made a large TastyBite order a couple of years ago and on a typical 12 day backpacking trip would pack 8 of the pouches(w/o the rice)per trip giving me an anticipated treat for the daily cooked meal. I liked the spinach one the best, with hunks of cheese, etc.

I saw a TV thing on Everest once and it show famed climber Conrad Anker pulling out several pouches of TastyBites to feed his group of mountaineers. Must therefore be popular with the roped-in crowd. I still have several dozen of the meals ready to go for the next trip. They are not dehydrated so the ULers might balk, but for the bored, jaded backpacking cook, they are a great change o' pace. Heavy? Yeah, but once eaten the empty foil pouch is very light.

Wise Old Owl
2008-09-05, 20:56
Actually I posted a retort Trader Joes indian food last year - and none of them cleared my pores! But thanks for the Cheese Head's Up......I like this food and the weight is just fine.

2008-09-06, 12:06
I found some Zattaran's MRE at my local Walmart. They have Jambalaya, Red Beans and rice, etc. They are supossed to be microwaved, but I just threw them in my pot as the water was starting to boil to heat them up and they were great. I was actually glad to find these they are just enough for one person and since my wife and kids do not like cajun food I can have mine when I go out to the woods.

2008-09-08, 16:32
I love those but I like Saag Panner (spinach and cheese)