View Full Version : Kurt Vonnegut in a comercial...

SGT Rock
2003-01-23, 23:20
I just saw an SUV commercial with Kurt Vonnegut in it. Amazing, I wouldn't have ever imagined Kurt Vonnegut doing something like that.:eek:

2003-01-24, 05:47
Yeah I just saw that myself. Had to shake my head a little - couldn't quite believe it. I hate to think what's next.


2003-01-24, 10:11
What?Huh?Isn't he dead? Or is this another John Wayne selling beer type add. Wich comercial?

SGT Rock
2003-01-24, 10:36
No he isn't dead. A few months ago I saw him on a Sundy morning meeting of the mind's show - I can't remember which one. But he was talking about war. He is still alive.

2003-01-24, 14:27
It is said that everyone has their price. Apparently they met his.:rolleyes:

2003-01-25, 10:25
I wouldn't say he sold out, he's probably just funding Frank Herbert on some other plane of existence. Maybe getting ready to free another Galaxy from tyranical rule.