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2008-08-22, 21:34
I'm curious how most folks deal with blisters on a longer hike (If you get 'em). I'm usually not prey to them, but picked up a couple of small ones the other day. Wasn't an issue, as it was the last day and we werehiking out, but still....


2008-08-22, 22:22
I normally don't get blisters, but if I do I take alittle duck tape. Some hikers use mole skin. Here is a site that may help:

2008-08-22, 23:57
yah, I carry and used moleskin. Good product.


2008-08-23, 11:23
Alchohol to clean, duct tape to cover and "slick" the hot spot, then check the boot for sand or a raised seam.

2008-08-28, 22:51
here in Aus, the accepted way of dealing with a blister out bush is to sterilize a needle with a flame and puncture the blister as close to solid skin as possible. You squeeze the juice out and cover it with cloth sticking plaster at the very least or moleskin if you have it.

Blister prevention involves checking boots and socks as mentioned by redleg. You change your socks and powder them with foot powder or talc.

Here's a little tip I was shown by a medic - After spending three days on a recce patrol in a swampy area north of Townsville(watching a USMC amphib landing by the way), my feet were in shit state due to new boots not broken in properly, constant damp and dodgy LUP (US Army - RON?) SOPs not allowing us to change socks.

We hobbled back to the extraction point, enjoyed a little night time zodiac inflatable ride back to base where I promptly went and saw the medic.

She cleaned up my red-raw and blood blistered feet with saline, gauze and alcohol swabs, then proceeded to swab lavender oil all over the damage. The next day I was up and walking around with rifle and pack. She said it was secret aromatherapy hoodoo.

Lavender oil does the job. I always carry a small bottle of it in my first aid kit. Of course, I never wear semi-broken boots out bush and with good foot admin, I rarely if ever get blisters.

So next time you get a bad hotspot or blister, swab some lavender oil onto it and see how you go.

2008-08-29, 06:54
I have extensive expirience with blisters and did often help others with their blisters.
You need Tweezers, syringe, scalpel and/or small and sharp sissors.
Clean area with alcohol or mediswap, clean tools with alcohol.
Deep blisters on or in the heel can be relived using syringe or small scalpel blade. Soft blisters can be lifted with the tweezers and a small piece of loosened skin cut off to prevent blister reforming or closing. Empty blister by pressing is softly with a sterile cotton ball or similar.
It is always wise to open blisters following the roll of the foot and as close to the skin as possible, to ensure that the blister gets drained while walking.
Desinfect using alcohol or antiseptic cream.
I always did cushion the blister with synthetic cotton that I secured using Tenso but other self adhesive tapes will probably do.
It is important that the adhesive device on the blister does not stick directly to the loose skin that covered the blister elsewise you can effectively render yourself unable to walk if you have to either repair the cushioning or re-fix the blister.

BTW I have not suffered from blisters since I stopped using military boots, but when I hike I always use at least two pairs of quality socks, a thin soft inner sock and a thicker outher sock.
Also I always see to that my feet are soft and without excessive hardned skin and that nails are trimmed. I never use talcum or footpowder since this can roll together like small rocks or sand and cause further damage.

You have a bad case of blisters when your feet swell one bootsize and you then loose all your nails since your boots can not accomodate your swelled feet.