View Full Version : Gone fishin ...

2008-08-24, 11:34
Would love to hang out and chat but the season is short out here in Wyoming and today is gorgeous so BadAss Turtle and I are headed up into the Medicine Bow National Forest for a day hike and some trout fishin.

Y'all have fun now ...ya hear !!


2008-08-24, 15:53
pretty here too! I'm goin' soon to go break in my new NC license......We're hittin' up crappie and Bass today

2008-08-24, 20:15
OK ...the hike went well. About 5 or so miles, moderate grade at 10,500' + elevation. Fishing on the other hand, sucked. Lakes were pretty dried up and trout weren't biting. That said, it was a great day. Storms came rolling in about 2 PM and we had to keep a pretty brisk pace (huffin and puffin) to avoid getting caught in open areas during the lightening.