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2008-09-07, 00:14
Saw part of one episode on tv the other night...I've never heard of the guy, but apparently runs wilderness schools in Britian, and is a big exponent of relearning traditional bushcraft.

Anyone know whether this guy is worth watching?


2008-09-07, 05:20
It's all pretty basic stuff, but he does see some nice country around the world.
It's entertaining enough to kill half an hour or so.

2008-09-08, 01:43
I am a great fan of Ray Mears (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Mears_(author)).
I have watched most of his shows and read most of his books. Some is really basic, but he has a good approach to LNT and how to live in/with the nature instead of just surviving. In serveral of his series he visits different cultures that lives in close relation to nature, and he goes walkabout with them and looks into their techniques.
I can recommend his show "The Real Heroes of Telemark" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0499247/) where he goes into Hardangervidda (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardangervidda) to follow how the SOE operatives lived and worked before and after their attack on Rjukan.
I have used a lot of the things I have learned from reading his books and watching his shows.
If you are looking for (fake) Rambo style action, go for the Bear Grylls shows, but if you like to watch beautiful scenery, indigenous cultures and woodlore at a steady pace, the Ray Mears shows are really good.

2008-09-08, 16:30
I think he's cool.

A lot of his ideas a lot of outdoorsy folks know but he's entertaining and there's some good info.

Wise Old Owl
2008-11-07, 13:22
I caught Ray Mears 5 years ago on Discovery, I made a few VCR tapes of his shows. I wish I had them all. Yes he is worth watching. His interest of the American Indian ways that he used for one of his shows was very informative.

2008-11-13, 02:57
I've watched quite a few of his shows on youtube. I liked them. I don't know if all of his shows are available on you tube but there are quite a few available if you do a search. You also stumble across some other guys that really seam to know there stuff. One was how to make a whistle out of a soda can very practical to learn and teach kids or any hiker I think after seeing that every one should know how to do that just incase. Also there was another guy who teaches similar to Ray Mears run a sight and such can't remember his name but he was always mentioning his Tom Brown Tracker Knife it was something to do with Archery and Primitive living skills and such.

2008-11-18, 00:30
I've downloaded and watched most of his shows. Some very good stuff, plus a lot of stuff I'll never use (I'm unlikely ever to hike Australia...).

Far more interesting than the Man vs. Wild whacko, and better at the survival stuff than the Survivorman dweeb.