View Full Version : Cool hiking photo in USA Today this week!

2008-09-07, 15:32
I've been reading these forums for a long time but this is my first post here.

There is a really nice hiking photo in a USA Today feature this week!


2008-09-08, 10:40
It's falling behind and needs our support, everybody please vote for it! You can vote once per day.

Wise Old Owl
2008-09-09, 21:01
By the time I got to it there was a climber not a hiker

2008-09-11, 20:21
By the time I got to it there was a climber not a hiker

It's the last one, the overlook.

2008-09-11, 22:43
I'd be on my belly hugging that rock...cool shot.

2008-09-12, 11:12
Those are all some awsome pics. I'm not sure if from an artistic perspective the hiking pic is the best, but I'm notorious for having a bad eye for art. Any way it is a way better pic than the other 2 in the top 3 so it should be an easy choice.

2008-09-15, 14:00
Tomorrow is last day to vote!