View Full Version : Hitting the End

SGT Rock
2003-01-25, 16:32
Well, maybe I have played with the site set up enough. I have some other work that needs to get done:

1. Start the initial Crazy Creek LEX Hammock report.

2. Test the new Brasslite Duo stove. I've been asked about 3 litres of water, so this will be a special test as well.

3. Test a new new set of stoves called the Microlite stoves.

4. Update some links on the site, as well as tweak the normal little stuff.

4. Shoot the neighbor's dog.

Please feel free to give sugestions or find errors in the site then post it on the site suggestions.

Also, how long do you think polls should last on the front page?

2003-01-25, 21:16
LOL....the neighbors might also like to shoot ours ya know. :D