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2008-10-02, 04:04
I welcome all users hikinghq.net I'm a dirty rotten spammer, just so you know up front. Also my post won't make a bit of sense because I'm trying to get it in before the admin of this site catch me and ban my sorry ass.

I bring to your attention the new Internet the project - Network journal for men Promising journal still absolutely young.

Works on its filling by the interesting information are at present conducted. On a site it is possible to find informative articles on themes: style, sports, health, meal, relations, a car, technics, entertainments.

To esteem the latest news or to communicate in section the Forum (not like you already have a great forum to communicate on here so why don't I just try and snatch you away to mine right? Well I did say I was a dirty rotten spammer didn't I?)

*** To Girls I think, the journal too will be interesting, on an extreme measure it is pleasant to me ;)

Oh yeah I forgot to mention my Momma didn't raise me right either so I guess that's why I do these things... I really need help.

2008-10-02, 12:53
Thanks for sharing Bailleys... I hope you get the help you need someday.