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2003-01-27, 19:48
I had Moonbow make me a poncho just like yours a couple of months ago. I've been using it on my Ultralite with good results, but I was thinking about getting the Explorer Ultralite A-Symm. You think the poncho is just too small to provide adequate coverage since the Explorer is longer? If the poncho could work, what's the weight of the fly that comes with the Explorer? Thanks.


SGT Rock
2003-01-27, 20:10
Unfortunately I didn't weigh the explorer tarp alone before I sent it back for repairs. My new tarp is in the mail, so I'll weigh it when it gets in. I could try setting my poncho up over the hammock in a couple of days.

Tree Swinger
2003-02-03, 22:44

Have you tried your tarp/poncho in a rain yet? How do you keep the head opening from leaking or filling with water? Also, is there anything you would add or change to your design? I would like to get one but will wait for you to work out any bugs.

The Integral Designs sil poncho seemed to be a great idea for a multitasking pack item, but a tarp with a hole in the middle makes me nervous.


SGT Rock
2003-02-04, 00:14
Yep, I've used it in the rain.

It leaked around the shoulders on my first use. Because of the design there is a lot of seam material and I didn't do a good job seam sealing the first time. That was fixed.

I used it as a tarp shelter on the ground in the rain with good results. In that case I clossed the neck up as small as possible and then folded the hood over. The poncho has a good neck like a turtle neck you can close up tight.

If I were going to change it I would beef up the snaps a little, the ones I got were too small and don't hold well. I would also make th neck slightly larger (I mean more material) so it could be tightened all the way closed without messing with the ridgline that runs diagonaly.

As for using with the hammock, It worked well. The ridgline is fine and the sides offer about the same protection as the A-Sym tarp, just slightly different shape. I fold the hood over the opening then weight it down with something like a stick on a string so that it is flapped over the opening. I haven't used this in really bad winds, but in that case I would probably use something heavier like a full water bottle.

Tree Swinger
2003-02-04, 12:56

Your improvements sound worthy. Have you mentioned these enhancements to Moonbow? When ordering this from moonbow, do you have to supply the snaps or do they? Just wondering if they could find the beefed up snaps.

Also on my family outings my pack is often head high or more. My wife carries our two year old in her Kelty and I carry evrything else (it makes a long pack). Do you think the current dimentions are long enough to accomodate this extra pack length on my 6'2" frame or should I add some length?

SGT Rock
2003-02-04, 13:24
No I haven't talked to Moonbow because on the whole I'm very satisfied. If you call them to order one though, you might want to ask for these improvements.

2003-02-04, 14:08
just an observation about hh and poncho/flys. my eqiuinox backpacker poncho (sil-nylon) is almost exactly the same dimmensions as the fly on my a-sym ultralight.

the cool thing is that when stretched corner to opposing corner (as the hh fly is, the head hole falls off to one side of the ridgeline. that keeps the tension off the hood.