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2008-10-10, 14:12
I read the previous threads on simplifying the hammock suspension by using round climbing rings and various other things. I realize that the Nite-Ize Figure 9s are rated at 150 lbs., but I tried them anyway. I suspended one end with a 9, the other end with a trucker's hitch and climbing ring. A couple of nights out with that setup made me try both ends using 9s. A couple of more nights out, one windy/rain and snow in the morning, has convinced me that they work for me.

I have a HH Hyperlight. I weigh 152 lbs. I am using the Jacks'r'Better dual quilt sytem, one outside and one inside (No Sniveller). Apart from the possibility of metal fatigue over time, I am extremely happy with the ease of use and the ease of adjusting the hammock with the Figure 9s. I like my main line quite tight, and this makes it easy for me. I have also been using Figure
9s with my daughter's HH Scout, with the fatter ropes. The 9s fit the larger and slimmer ropes well.

I have seen no wear on the ropes yet, and I have not seen any signs of failure in the Figure 9s yet. IF I do see anything, I can cut up the 9s and loook at the metal and see what is happening. (I am an aerospace Lab manager/Metallurgist).

2008-10-17, 20:31
i too have a HH Hyperlight, and have used 9's on both ends. i go about 175lbs. no problems to report.

HH reccomended against using the 9's as a possible wear point on the spectra line.


2008-10-19, 17:22
YEs, I can see where there may be some wear on the Spectra line, but I will replace that myself if it does wear. We were out again this weekend, the both HH's were perfect with the Figure 9s.

2008-11-07, 21:22
Does anybody have pics of how they have a hammock suspension set up using figure-9's?

kayak karl
2008-11-09, 11:34

Follow the thread and you will see how you can alter them and tie off different then their instructions