View Full Version : L N T = L B H.

2003-01-28, 17:50
LNT = LBH. Leave No Trace = Leave Bikes Home. Another progressive backcountry philosophy. Mountain bikes do not belong in the backcountry any more than dogs do. This is a catchy way to remind rude bikers of that fact.

2003-01-28, 20:57
yeah, real catchy! so ya got a beef with dogs on the trail, huh? you might consider starting a thread about that instead of slipping it in, as if dogs had any relation to LNT or mountain bikes. personally, i'd rather see a gang of bikers on the trail, followed by a pack of angry dogs than just one anal hiker.

SGT Rock
2003-01-28, 22:08
Speaking of bikes on the AT, I remember hearing this about 10 years ago. If you remember this, please confirm that I'm not crazy.

In about 1991 I was a recruiter and spent lots of time driving, since radio stations tend to play music until you puke when you hear it, started listening to talk radio, and Rush was the biggey of the day.

Anyway, one day he had a story ( according to Rush) about how some bikers wanted the rules governing the Appalachian Trail to be changed so that they could ride bikes along the entire length. Their argument was so they could enjoy the Trail like the pre-anglo Indians did on horseback. Of course Rush's angle was how rediculous this was wioth the quasi native liberal, yada yada yada... But basically that these people were so uninformed and out there that:

a. they consider a bike and a horse similar.

b. They didn't stay awake in school long enough to learn that Europeans introduced the modern horse to the Americas.

Of couse other points he didn't bring up, and probably didn't know was the fact the AT or anything like it wasn't around then anyway, that indians tended to stay off the mountains for the most part, and the trail wasn't created until the 1930's.

I just thought I would throw that out and see if I'm the only one that remembers that, or did I dream it... :confused: