View Full Version : Gearskin Knock-Offs

2008-10-15, 13:56
anyone know of any other companys making gearskins? .....besides moonbow
would love to get one...just not for 180$ ...

or anyone looking to sell one ..

2008-10-15, 14:12
I don't know of anyone making a knockoff, and I wouldn't buy one anyway. John has put his effort into designing and refining the Gearskin, so my money goes to him. When I was a knifemaker, I made some unusual designs, and I watched many of them copied and never attributed to me. Like China, they seemed to have no qualms about copying the design and development work of others.

2008-10-15, 14:27
180 is a lot of money. but from all reports the packs are wonderful and the customer service is supreme.
i'm planning to make a gearskin, not because i won't spend 180, but because i want to try making one (gearhead). if i don't like the one i make i'll be buying one instead...

2008-10-15, 15:38
180$ is alot...i would pay the 180$ but my wife would kill me....i sould have gotten one when they were 120$ ...i wonder why the 60$ increase in price ...
i dunno...i guess i can sell more of my recording gear off lol....to get the money

2008-10-15, 15:48
well this is odd...hahaha i think i just sold one of my recorders...i think my friend was reading my mind lol...there was an easy 150$....maybe i will be ordering one after all .....can anyone tell me how long it takes to receive the gearskin?...and say u loose 10-15 lbs...will it still fit...or would i need to have it resized?

2008-10-15, 15:59
Rock really needs to update his review... The price he has listed is from 2002 when he did his initial review of the Gearskin.

2008-10-16, 22:00
I think that one of the most important measurements is the back length, which would not change with a change in weight. The hip belt is sized for your waist, but at least on mine there seems to be a lot of room to compress it. If you let John know, he will make sure that the belt will still fit if you lose weight.

As far as time to receive one, he is pretty quick. I think I had mine in two weeks or less. It depends on how many orders of what stuff he is making, I think.

2008-10-27, 07:31
Has anyone ever tried this?


Every time I see it I think it would make a great budget gearskin-type-pack, or at least a good starting point. For the price it's a good deal just for the straps & belt. It lists as 2.3 lbs though, which seems high to me considering.