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2008-10-17, 04:42
I stumbled across this idea on hammock forums (http://www.hammockforums.net), but since I was looking for plans to build my own first hammock I didn't think it was right for me to post this there... And by "I" of course I mean my mother, who is a professional quality seamstress. She has made everything from a tent to several wedding dresses (To include major portions of her own back in the day.) I was going to cash in a couple of favors and ask her to make me a bridge hammock for Christmas, but as I was looking for plans for one I ran across the "bridgeskin (http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2479&highlight=bridgeskin)" (also pictured below) and decided that I'm going to have to cash in all of my favors (And I will still probably have to go over several times and chop fire wood to get her to concede to this idea) and have her build me one, and while she is at it I will probably have her build in a bunch of my other ideas.


As I alluded to above my mother is a busy woman and I don't think I'll be able to get her to do this more than once so I am looking for some help full input from anyone and everyone out there. I want to get this right the first time, and I want it to last. I need advice on everything from the material to use to dimensions. If anyone knows a good place to get plans or DIY instructions please put that out here as well. She is very good, and very innovative so if you use sewing terms I'm not familiar with she probably will be, and she's good about working in new ideas so suggest them.

So as I mentioned I'm throwing in all my cards... and if you have any to lend me I'll probably throw them in to. I'm thinking that my plan will be very similar to the one pictured, but with a few key changes... I would like the thing to be darn near bomb proof. I want to use a heavy material to ensure that everything will endure long after my mother is no longer sewing. I think that 3 lbs for a pack and hammock combo is still really light so I'm OK with that.

I also plan on having her make a poncho/tarp like Sgt Rock described, but I'm not that fond of silnylon... Does anyone have advice for using a light-weight material that is waterproof and breathable... But still affordable?

Here is my big contribution to the plan... I want to include something like the Flomo (http://www.aarnpacks.com) Front pockets or the syncpack (http://www.thesyncpack.com/), but it's hard to get pictures of the functioning sides of either of these. this is the best I've found http://www.aarnpacks.com/features/images/synergy.gif(I really need help on this point. I want these to work not just be pockets. The syncpack is an external frame pack the flomo pockets say they are internal frame)I'm thinking more of the pockets. Making them so they detach. Then they can be day-packs, or side pockets if I need to get my chest really close to something (Like dragging myself up a rock face) Plus they can separate easier if need be (Like if I fell in the water and my pack is about to drown me)


There are some other little things I would like to do. I want the gearskin to be an internal frame pack and then I will use the stays as my spreader bars for the hammock. I want a hip belt (I know the real gear skin has one, but a lot of the homemade ones don't) I also want to have head and foot caps (to help with bugs, wind, and cold) and I've always thought the gearskin should have a lid flap.

Here are some of the Key points I need tips on:
Material to use
-(If you know a cheap place to get material I'm all ears)
-Waterproof Breathable material also
Dimensions (I'm 6'1" 205 lbs)
-Do these dimensions add up in a way that the gearskin can have a hood?
Making pack straps and a hip belt (this will be a 1st for her)
Using pack stays as spreader bars
-Where to place the stays in the pack and
-How to make the stays easily removable
Adding the head and foot caps to the Hammock without affecting the function of the gearskin

Also I could use DIY links and advice for
-Gear Skin
-Bridge Hammock
-(BridgeSkin if it exists)
-Balance pockets

I'm already greatfull for all of your help
Thank you

PS One last little blurb... I know the Jacks frequent this site, and I humbly request any advice you can offer :adore:

2008-10-17, 09:18
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