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2003-01-29, 00:03
Got an HH in part due to your site, am building and testing and modifying alcohol stoves in part due to your site and links...what's cooler is tonite, while checking other areas of your site I noticed you were (are) stationed at Polk. I was there for 2.5 yrs, 1-76 to 9-78 as a medic with the "old" Army Hosp. Things have changed around Leesville (I was there in May of '02) but not near as much as other posts I was at that I've visited recently. My boy is in Ft Bragg with the 82nd (just back from Afghanistan), I can't believe how much that's changed since I was there in '75.

Anyway, for my solo trips I'm going lite. The HH will work out nicely as will the alcohol stoves.

Drive on


SGT Rock
2003-01-29, 07:24
It's amazing how many people have ben to this hole. My stepfather was stationed here after he got back from Korea (the war) in 1953, he says the post has changed a lot, but the main part of town looks the same.

2003-01-29, 09:17
and they wouldn't let us on. Drove through town, roads were a little diff, my hold house was still out on Midkiff loop N or town, a lot of the little churches consolidated. We were always out hunting, fishing or diving over at Toledo Bend and Vernon Lk.

SGT Rock
2003-01-29, 10:20
All you need is photo ID, proof of insurance, and your vehicle registration to get on now.