View Full Version : Southeast -wheres all the water

2008-10-31, 08:38
I was looking at some older photos last night and all the streams were up and looked beautiful. Lately the streams and creeks are just plain low. Some of the more challenging crossings at places like Slickrock have turned into easy tiptoe crossings. And there are a couple of fantastic ridgeline campsites that I have really wanted to stay at, but the springs are bone dry. I am ready for some rain to bring the water back. I know that over the past two years my yard has lost 4 nice trees due to lack of water. I wonder how this will affect the wilderness trees. Are there gonna be more widow makers when the wind starts blowing this fall? When is the rain gonna start?

2008-11-07, 19:46
I have the weekend off, but no plans to hike. Darn it. I bet all the good springs would be running en la manana. I may be able to hit for 4 days at the end of next week - and if the rainy season is here I will be in good shape. But last year when I came up past Double Spring in March and tanked up a little- I did not want a huge water load so I counted on Big Frog Spring - and it was bone dry -- at that time of year? Oh well, if theres water on the Bob (Bald) I'll stay there - if not I'll go one over to Naked G. Then down to the JKilmer area and eventually camp along Little Santeelah- I love that area. Hope it rains some more.

Tipi Walter
2008-11-08, 00:05
Hey Rooty, I was just up on the Bob Nov.3 and the spring was flowing good, dang good.