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Wander Yonder
2003-01-29, 05:18
What are some of the ways you deal with getting out of that warm sleeping bag on freezing mornings?

I have never done any long distance hiking, so my experience is limited to camping. I usually put on all my clothes and within a few minutes am way too hot so have to take off the boots again and redress.

My daughter, when she was in the Army and hiking in the Bavarian mountains in winter, said she would dig her cathole for the morning the night before so that chore was taken care of. Then, in the morning when she got up she would run like crazy until she warmed up.

What is your strategy for warming up quickly on cold mornings? I hate the idea of hiking freezing cold.

SGT Rock
2003-01-29, 07:27
Get up, wear your bag, keep moving.

2003-01-29, 08:09
sharon, this is a tough one. it's always hard to get moving on a cold morning (you'll have a bunch of these early in your thru-hike). i always try to get hiking asap after i get out of my toasty sleeping bag. most hikers like to immediately cook in the mornings or have a hot drink or just sit around. i never do any of that because i've found (for myself) it's better to just get packed up and get on the trail. i eat something cold (pemmican bar or something) while packing up. i never heat water more than once a day. usually i'll get the water i'll need the night before and have everything at hand for a quick departure. it's just a matter (for me) of simplifying. i don't like to deal with a lot of stuff in the mornings (even here at home). one thing i always have to deal with is the call of nature and that's always frightful when it's really cold.

my advice is to just keep it simple and get busy on cold mornings.

Wander Yonder
2003-01-29, 08:48
Sgt. Rock, that would work if everything was dry. I have a Western Mountaineering bag with an ultra lightweight fragile covering, so I am very afraid of snagging it. Plus it's the first thing that goes into my pack.

Chief, I like the idea of a hot drink first thing, but since I don't eat breakfast at home, I have planned to eat something cold on the run or stop a couple of hours down the trail to cook breakfast.

I like the idea of having everything organized for a quick getaway in the morning, so will work on that principle.

Thanks for the suggestions.

2003-01-29, 10:12
I just dress warmly enough to be comfortable when I get up. No point getting chilled before you start hiking. Though it is somewhat of a pain to have to strip off those long johns out in the breeze just before you start hiking.

SGT Rock
2003-01-29, 10:25
I just sit under sit under my tarp and cook breakfast while making coffee. The only time I would venture out is when I go relive myself, otherwise I can wear my quilt like a cape whilt packing and relaxing under my hammock. The shell is DWR, so a litte mist sheds fine, but I wouldn't be wearing it around in the woods. On the occasion I do stay in a shelter it is very easy to get up and moving like that.

I can be on the trail 30 minutes after waking up, but usually it takes me an hour. Moving is the best theory, just remember you won't die from it, it just isnt comfortable.

Hammock Hanger
2003-02-01, 12:40
Sharon: I would keep my fleece in the hammock. Put it on while in the hammock and in my bag. As soon as it is on I use this as my "must get up que". I would have on my long john bottoms and socks. I put on fleece pants if really needed. As soon as I emerge from the hammock I empty it. Fold pad, stuff bag, organize misc gear. That keeps me moving. Then it is nature call time. Drop hammock, pack the pack, slip off the fleece pants (burr), put fleece pants in top of pack w/sandals. Put on boots and hike. This usually takes me 15-20 minutes total. As I warm I take the fleece top off. About 30-60 minutes down the trail. (@sunrise) That is when I have my breakfast. Gorp or cold cereal, piece of cheese, bagel... (I do not do the cooked breakfast thing.) I find that if I keep a routine, do it the sameway every day it becomes automatic and I'm not freezing and floundering... Hammock hanger

Wander Yonder
2003-02-01, 15:01
Deb & HH, as I said I haven't done any long distance hiking, but I think I must do much the same thing as you two when camping. I do put on my fleece while I am still in my bag. I can't imagine me getting up freezing and waiting to warm up till I had hiked enough to warm up! I'd rather wait till I started overheating to remove the warm clothes, although that should be cute on the trail! :D

HH, the way you break camp sounds like how I do it. Fast and systematic.

I'm thinking of packing my hammock tarp separately so I could use it to create a wind break/rain cave for meal breaks when the weather was nasty. I don't mind eating cold food but I do need my hot drinks. That way I could also set it up before I hang the hammock under it when it was raining.

Oh, HH, I LOVE your avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hammock Hanger
2003-02-01, 21:40
NOT!!! (but the picture is cute)

During really nasty weather I often carry my hammock fly on the outside so I can put it up when I need to kick back for a while. Another so easy plus for the hammock. Hammock Hanger