View Full Version : When is your next trip?

2003-01-30, 02:14
Just thought I would start a thread on when people plan to get out next. I am planning a weekend trip to the Washington coast next month, around the middle of Feb. I expect lots of rain. lol. This will be a good opportunity to test some new gear.

R. W. Jeffcoat
2003-01-30, 15:22
I'll be hiking this weekend, Feb. 1,2,&3. Going to start where the AT crosses US 64, 10 miles west of Franklin N. C., at Winding Stair Gap. I live 4 hours from Franklin. I plan to leave Saturday morning and reach Winding Stair Gap around noon. I'll go as far as I can Sat. afternoon, camp for the night, then start early Sunday morning and hike til mid day. Around mid day I'll turn aroud and head back, camp for the night, then hike back to the car Monday morning. The weather forecast looks great - highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. Anyone that can make it is welcome to join me.

2003-01-31, 02:50
Doing a trip in April to Havasupai Falls for three nights. A few tune up hikes before to work out the kinks. Will be taking my "Gearskin" on it's first real test.

2003-01-31, 11:55
I'm currently working out the logistics of a extended hike in
Alaska, within the next month. Most likely around Feb 15. ;)

Planning to move to AK on a perm basis this summer, so I
thought an extended hike would be a good way to recon the
options available to me. :D


Hammock Hanger
2003-02-01, 12:25
Feb 03 - 10 days along the northwest section of the Swannee River, FL

Mar - open

Apr - Thru hike the Bratram Trail, NC/GA

May - Trail Days & some day hiking, VA

June - North Section of the VT Long Trail (Sherburne Pass to Canada)

June/July/Aug - Numerous day hikes and overnights in the Adirondack High Peaks with campers, NY

Sept/Oct - LAST 343 miles of the AT!!! NH/ME

2003-02-05, 15:06
Feb 15-17 Gonna take some Youth kids to the smokies and car camp @ smokemont and probably hike Newfound gap- Charlies Bunion and back.


2003-02-09, 15:43
Feb. Weekend hike @ Greenleaf State Park, OK
Mar. Weekend hike @ Buffalo National River, AR
Weekend Boy Scout campout
Apr. Grandview Trail-Tonto Trail-Bright Angel, Grand Canyon

Rich G
2003-02-11, 17:26
As soon as I get my gear sorted out I'm going to hit Big Cypress Preserve down here in Florida. In July my Wife and I are going to Belize for ten days, I still have to figure out where and when I'm gonna get deep in the jungle on that one... But I'm Stoked!!

SGT Rock
2003-02-11, 17:46
I'm going to the field for gunnery on the 1st. I'll be out until about the 11th. I plan to sleep in a hammock and eat lots of pasta cooked on an alcohol stove.

Lone Wolf
2003-02-11, 18:08
I just got back last week from the Big Cypress Preserve. A hiking buddy has a big hunting camp there. We had our 4th annual Hobo Central Swamp Days out there. I'll be on Springer 19 March. Gonna hike back home here in Damascus.